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Yoga & Meditation
for Everyone

Julie's compassionate and playful teaching style will help you come home to your mind, body and spirit with joy. Through non-judgmental practices, she invites you to drop into the present moment with awareness and gratitude. On this page, you will find links to videos, meditations and her course on yogic philosophy, as well as information about upcoming live events online.

Online Yoga

Kripalu Yoga at Home

For Finding Your Center

Practice joyful, compassionate Kripalu Yoga on Zoom with Julie and a beautiful community of like-minded people.

Pilates Stretches

Restorative Yoga at Home

Relax and Renew

Unwind and recharge with gentle breathing, stretching and self-massage. Please note that personal props are required for this session. You will need a yoga block, strap and bolster; you will also want to have a blanket on hand.

Yoga Class

In-Person Classes & Workshops

Resuming As & When Possible

In-person sessions take place mainly in Oxfordshire, England, and will resume when the current global pandemic situation allows.


Guided Meditation Selection

Five-Minute Morning Practice on Gratitude

This is an inspiring five-minute morning meditation on gratitude for this life and this body. By regularly dwelling on what we are grateful for, we can vastly improve our level of happiness, contentment and overall wellbeing.

Gratitude Affirmations for the Body and Life

In this practice, Julie leads us through a beautiful and empowering affirmation meditation, to build and increase body positivity and confidence. These affirmations also flow with the vibration of gratitude, where we consciously choose to invite in an abundance of light, happiness and contentment into our lives. Feel a sense of radiating warmth emanate through your soul as you absorb Julie's encouraging words.

Ten-Minute Evening Gratitude Practice

In this ten-minute evening meditation, Julie leads you through gratitude for your day, your body and your senses. This is a highly soothing and restorative practice, wherein, binaural beats play in the background to help your mind further relax.

Release & Renewal

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Sowing the Seeds of Intention

This soothing, ten-minute meditation will help you plant the seeds of your intentions and visualize the boundless garden of your being. As you slip into a calm and still state, allow yourself to bring your ideal reality to life. Background music is from Bija: Soothing Music and Mantras for Yoga and Meditation by Todd Norian.List Body

Expanding Into Universal Love

In this meditation, listeners are guided to connect to the wellspring of universal light and love within. The harmonic background music, created specifically for this meditation, includes a singing bowl tuned to the frequency of 528 Hz, believed to be the vibrational frequency of universal love. We invite you to bathe both in the voice and the music as you expand into radiant love.

Warrior One

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