Get in touch with me if you'd like to have a painting of a couple in your life. These paintings range in price, depending on size, starting from £350. Contact for an exact quote and to have a discussion about the inspiration for the painting. (To note, the paintings pictured are not for sale as these are examples previous commissions.)  


    All paintings are created by me from start to finish--from building the frame to stretching the canvas to priming the canvas and finally to painting with high-quality oil paints. All materials used are professional-grade from the stretcher bars to the canvas to the paints themselves. 


    Unfortunately, there is no return available on the oil paintings; however, I will be in touch with you throughout the process, from showing you the original sketch to discussing palette choices. In this way, there should be no major surprises.


    I will ship your item to you at cost of the packaging materials, insurance and actual shipping rate. All items are shipped securely with tracking. In addition, please note that at the time of purchase, we will discuss a timeline of how long the item will take to complete. You should expect 8-12 weeks in total; however, in certain circumstances (especially for smaller canvases), this can be much quicker. 

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